Product Lines

Syndicated Research

Each year Phoenix Synergistics conducts 15 to 18 multisponsor studies designed to provide actionable information and in-depth recommendations based on national surveys with consumers and small businesses. For each survey, a dedicated and detailed questionnaire specific to the individual topic is developed by the research team at Phoenix Synergistics. For large projects, early sponsors are encouraged to review questionnaires and suggest additional questions and areas of analysis that reflect their current research priorities. The comprehensive report for these large projects includes secondary research, analysis of survey results, a concise executive summary and an in-depth strategic insights commentary reflecting our opinions and recommendations. Additionally, the report includes graphics and detailed charts on a question-by-question basis and a PowerPoint presentation that sponsors can use for management presentations. They survey data file is also available for internal analysis.
Phoenix Synergistics also offers a line of cost-effective survey-based research reports designed to address cutting edge issues and narrowly focused topics that are emerging or need continuous monitoring in the financial services industry. Each report provides an analysis of survey results, graphics, detailed charts on a question-by-question basis and a strategic executive summary and commentary.

Home Equity Lending Monitor

Launched in 2001, the Home Equity Lending Monitor is Phoenix Synergistics annual home equity lending survey. Because the home equity market and its products are continually changing, Phoenix Synergistics launched this program to track and trend important issues in the home equity market. The Home Equity Lending Monitor includes a series of multiphase research elements including background research, a national consumer survey, and a project report. This monitor will benefit the entire home equity team including, communications/advertising, product management, data base marketing, and market research.

      • Research Design — National Internet and Telephone Survey – 1,000 homeowners, including approximately 450 equity line/loan holders and 150 equity line/loan prospects.

Canadian Market

Phoenix Synergistics has conducted research in the Canadian market for a wide variety of companies in the financial services industry. Recent studies include:

      • Payment Cards in Canada: Credit, Debit/Bank, and Prepaid (2014)
      • Evaluating the Financial Needs of Students and Recent Graduates in Canada (2014)
      • Transforming Banking Channels in Canada for the Future (2013)
      • Mobile Banking and Payments in Canada – The Consumer Perspective (2012)
      • Payment Innovations in Canada: The Consumer Perspective (2010)
      • The Changing Debit Card Market in Canada: Consumer Viewpoint (2009)

Custom Research Services

Phoenix Synergistics also offers custom research services. We have more than 30 years of experience in financial services research, with an extensive knowledge and expertise across all aspects of financial services. Custom research projects include surveys on customer satisfaction, advertising and brand awareness, and product development. Phoenix Synergistics also evaluates provider and product competition using a variety of secondary and background information resources for competitive intelligence purposes. To discuss your custom and consulting research needs, please contact Bill McCracken (404) 965-7260;