Innovative Functions

New Locations

Marketing Applications

Key Finding from the Report:

SYNERGISTICS survey results reveal that consumers’ attitudes toward new ATM functions have grown more positive over the years.

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Highlights of the Study

This report examines consumers’ usage of ATMs and their reaction to new applications, innovative services, and new locations.  It assesses the role of the ATM in the delivery channel mix.

National Internet Survey – 1,000 consumers age 18 or older.


Key Date

June 2015 — Project Report available.

Strategic Questions

  • How are consumers using ATMs in terms of frequency of activities, regularly performed functions, and types of locations?  Is frequency of usage changing over time?  What do users see as the major benefits of ATMs?
  • What is the position of ATMs as a deposit making channel among consumers?  Can this be expanded by promoting benefits or special features?  How strong an enhancement are envelope-free ATM deposits?
  • What is the role of pricing in consumers’ ATM behavior?  Is it a “punitive” factor strengthening customer loyalty to a provider’s own ATM network?  Is free ATM access a strong motivation to establish new accounts or provider relationships?
  • What is the potential for expanded ATM functionality – such as reloading value to prepaid cards, check cashing to the exact amount, money transfers to other individuals, and customer service activities?  What are the preferred locations for advanced ATMs?  What perceived advantages and disadvantages represent benefits and obstacles?
  • Do consumers want personalized services at ATMs – such as pre-selected withdrawal amounts, automatic balance information, or alerts about upcoming payments?  Are customers receptive to personalized marketing messages at the ATM?Does mobile banking compete with or complement ATM activity?  What is the potential for using the mobile phone to access ATMs?  How has mobile RDC impacted ATM deposits?
  • What consumer segments – defined by demographics, financial behavior, or attitudes – should be the focus of strategies to expand ATM usage or introduce advanced functions?

Research Issues

  • Even after all these years, the ATM is a work in progress with providers looking for innovative ways to expand its role.  Today, it is emerging as the centerpiece in the era of self-service banking.  Consumers are using ATMs for making deposits, transfers and payments as well as for statement printing.  Providers are making these tasks easier with envelope-free deposits and machines that remember frequent and favorite transactions.     At the same time, the increasing usage of remote deposit may be impacting usage of the ATM for deposits.
  • ATMs are also becoming marketing machines.  Recent research by SYNERGISTICS revealed that a significant number of consumers make inquiries about products and services and eventually purchase these products after viewing ads on ATMs.
  • In addition, mobile phones are now being used as ATM access devices, and ATM receipts can be texted and emailed to users.  Identifying new locations for ATMs and kiosks is a key component of channel planning strategies.  With all of this activity, it becomes necessary to evaluate ATMs from the consumer’s perspective. [A81]