Decision Making and Application Process

Sources of Information and Advice; Education

Relationship Acquisition and Expansion

Key Finding from the Report:

Findings from SYNERGISTICS 2015 Home Equity Lending Monitor reveal that eight in ten homeowners report having a first mortgage. Incidence of first mortgages is found to be highly correlated with age declining as age increases.

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Highlights of the Study

Since 2001, SYNERGISTICS has conducted its annual Home Equity Lending Monitor and based on client feedback has decided to launch an annual examination of the mortgage market.  The 2016 inaugural edition of the Mortgage Market Monitor is being conducted to track and measure the many aspects of the consumer mortgage shopping and decision process.  The Monitor features a series of multiphase research elements including a targeted background research, an extensive national consumer survey, a management presentation, and a strategically oriented project report.  This annual monitor will benefit the entire mortgage market team including market research, product management, database marketing, communications and advertising, and risk management.


National Online Survey – 1,500 total interviews with financial decision makers age 18+ with a particular focus on current homeowners and buyers entering the market.

Key Dates

January 29, 2016 – Charter fee/Intro pricing ends.

January 29, 2016 – Final acceptance of comments on questionnaire.

April 2016 – Project Report available.

Strategic Objectives

  • Size the mortgage market and evaluate trends in a changing environment.
  • Examine the consumer decision making process and sources of information and advice regarding the mortgage market.
  • Identify strategies for acquisition, expansion, and retention.
  • Determine provider selection factors and measure satisfaction with current and/or past mortgage loan providers.
  • Assess the impact of the housing and credit markets on consumer behavior.
  • Identify key target markets.
  • Monitor the ongoing impact of refinancing.
  • Evaluate the role of new channels such as mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.