Following up with new customers soon after a sale is not only a key part of the sales process but customers expect it as well, according to a recent survey by Phoenix Synergistics entitled, Onboarding Programs: The Consumer Perspective. When asked how they felt about these post-sales follow-up contacts, a majority of those who experienced this say it showed the FI appreciated them as a valuable customer.  More than one-third indicated they expected the FI to follow up with them after opening an account.  Only a very small number found this post-sales contact to be annoying.

William H. McCracken, CEO of Phoenix Synergistics stated, “Onboarding is essential and an expected part of the customer experience.  Post-sales follow-up contact is a key element in onboarding and providers should be following up with customers after account openings.  Most of those who received this type of follow-up contact react either favorably or expect this from their FI.  Those reacting positively say this simple contact makes them feel valued by the FI.  These post-sales contacts are an important building block for cementing and potentially expanding customer relationships.”

These are among the findings from Phoenix Synergistics study, Onboarding Programs: The Consumer Perspective, featuring 1,000 online interviews with consumers age 18 or older.  This study examines the consumer experience with the onboarding process including communication strategies and contact methods, cross-selling and follow-up.