About Synergistics

SYNERGISTICS RESEARCH CORPORATION, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is the leading provider of multi-client consumer and small business marketing research for the financial services industry. We specialize in the financial services industry and our clients benefit from the staff’s extensive experience in the areas of practical banking, financial services research, and consulting. Our expertise encompasses retail delivery systems, card services, transaction accounts, savings and investments, insurance, credit products, sales and service issues, and the small business market. SYNERGISTICS is a nationally recognized leader in identifying leading-edge issues and emerging trends and in making on-target predictions for the financial services industry.

Our shared-cost syndicated research represents a cost-effective and time-efficient way to obtain current survey research data, interpretation, and strategic analysis. SYNERGISTICS provides an essential complement to your in-house resources. Because research is only a means to an end, SYNERGISTICS goes far beyond data analysis. As consultants, we also turn data into recommendations based on our opinion, experience, and perceptive insights. The end product is an action-oriented strategic plan with practical solutions and realistic strategies to help you market competitive and profitable financial services.

To meet the various needs of the industry, research results are offered in several forms, ranging from large comprehensive projects to concisely targeted reports. In addition, we also assist clients with proprietary research studies — from developing questionnaires, managing data collection, and analyzing results, to developing strategic recommendations. Our custom research can assist clients with product design, positioning strategies, identifying target markets, and optimizing delivery systems.

SYNERGISTICS was formed in 1981 by William O. Adcock, Jr., and Anne Morgan Moore, well-known and respected financial researchers.