2017 Studies

The dates shown here represent marketing/survey input dates and scheduled completion dates, respectively. 

Mortgage Market Monitor (MM2) January 2017/April 2017

        • Decision Making and Application Process
        • Sources of Information and Advice; Education
        • Relationship Acquisition and Expansion
        • Major Competitive Lender Profile

Student Market: Financial Insights (F) February 2017/May 2017

        • Gen Z and Millennials
        • Attitudes and Expectations
        • Checking, Cards, and Credit
        • Channel Strategies

 Opportunities in the Small Business Credit Market (F) March 2017/June 2017

        • Credit Cards, Loans, and Lines
        • Traditional, Online, and Alternative Lenders
        • Marketing and Application Methods

 The Role of Financial Advice and Planning (F) April 2017/July 2017

        • The Decision Making Process
        • Traditional and Alternative Sources
        • Balancing High Tech and High Touch

 Mobile Financial Apps: Consumer Reaction (A) Spring 2017

        • Banking, Budgeting, and Payments
        • Saving and Investing
        • Benefits and Drawbacks

ATMs to Video Kiosks: Consumer Viewpoint (A) Spring 2017

        • From Account Management to Sales
        • Innovative Functions
        • Branch and Off-Premise Locations

Seventeenth Annual Home Equity Lending Monitor (HELM) May 2017/November 2017

        • Activation, Retention, and Remarketing
        • Marketing Channel Mix
        • Product Features and Pricing

Defining Customer Loyalty in Financial Services: Key Drivers (F) June 2017/September 2017

        • Relationship Retention and Enhancement Strategies
        • High Touch and High Tech
        • Customer Service, Rewards, and Communication Programs

Millennial Small Business Owners: Market Insights (F) July 2017/October 2017

        • Attitudes and Expectations
        • Channel Strategies
        • Provider Loyalty and Competition

 A New Look at the Consumer Credit Market (F) August 2017/November 2017

        • Cards, Lines, and Loans
        • Debt Management and Education
        • Traditional vs. Online Lending

 Evaluating the Small Business Payments Market (F) September 2017/December 2017

        • Cards, Checks, and Cash
        • Payment Innovations
        • Bill Payment and Invoicing

Cashing in on P2P Payments (A) Fall 2017

        • Provider Competition
        • Pricing Strategies and Real-Time Payments
        • Impact on Other Payment Methods

The New Financial Competitors (A) Fall 2017

        • Fin-Tech and Alternative Providers
        • Partners or Disruptors?
        • Banking, Payments, and Investments

Optimizing Debit Cards (F) October 2017/January 2018

        • Role in Payments Mix
        • Rewards and Enhancements
        • EMV; Fraud and Security Issues

 Mobile Banking and Payments in the Small Business Market (F) November 2017/February 2018

        • Banking, Deposits, Transfers, and Payments
        • Apps and Alerts
        • Pricing Strategies

 The New Digital Bank Branch (F) December 2017/March 2018

        • Branch Size and Configurations
        • Balancing Staff and Self-Service Automation
        • Transformation to Sales Centers

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